Misconceptions In Immunization


  • “These diseases have been virtually eliminated from the world, so my child doesn’t need to be vaccinated.”
  • “I read that the DTP vaccine can cause Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS).”
  • “I’ve heard that vaccines are not needed because these diseases were disappearing even before the vaccines were developed.”
  • “I’ve heard that some children have serious side effects from vaccines so they must not be very safe.”
  • “I’ve heard that giving a child more than one immunization at a time can be dangerous.”
  • “Immunizations hurt.”
  • “Chickenpox is not a fatal disease, so that vaccine is not necessary.”
  • “I am breastfeeding so my child doesn’t need immunizations.”
  • “I saw on the news that there are “hot lots” of vaccines that are more dangerous than other lots.”
  • “I’ve heard that it is unsafe to immunize a child who has a cold and fever. Is this true?”



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