1. Are You 11-19 Years Old? Then You Need to Be Vaccinated against These Serious Diseases!(Immunization Action Coalition) – Links to PDF
  2. Immunizations(Nemours Foundation) RELIABLE VACCINATION INFORMATIONOn-Site Links
  3. VaxLinks – Paul Lee, PT
  4. VaxQuotes – Paul Lee, PT
  5. Anti-Vax Quacks — The Yurko Travesty – Paul Lee, PT• Anti-Vax Quacks — Yurko & The ICA – Paul Lee, Pt Anti-Quackery Sites• Issues in Immunization – Lon Morgan, DC
  6. The Anti-Immunization Activists: A Pattern of Deception – Ed Friedlander, MD
  7. Misconceptions about Immunization – Stephen Barrett, MD• Chiropractors and Immunization – Stephen Barrett, MD
  8. Anti-vaccination Liars – Peter Bowditch
  9. Vaccines Save Lives
  10. Anti-Vaccine Quotes
  11. Compare the Risks: Disease vs. Immunization


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