Vaccination News – A non-profit corporation founded by longtime vaccine freedom of choice advocate, Sandy Gottstein. The mission statement of Vaccination News is “Freedom of Choice is Not Free.



The Military Vaccine Resource Directory



Think Twice is a clearinghouse for information on vaccine risks with a collection of books and other information resources on vaccination. Maintains that parents are “entitled to a full disclosure of all pertinent data and the freedom to choose whether or not to vaccinate their children.



World Association for Vaccine Education (WAVE) — is a globally focused non profit providing a database of documents about vaccine risks and “uselessness” to “redress the balance of information available to parents on vaccination issues.” WAVE supports vaccine freedom of choice.


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WORKING TOGETHER SUPPORT TO THE HEALTH OF ALL CHILDREN. Advancing of the future children to optimalized physical, mental and social health and well being for fetal, newborn, infant, children, adolescents and young adult
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